A celebration of 'musicianship, joy and surprise'


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    A celebration of 'musicianship, joy and surprise'


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Upcoming Performances

  • lollipop taiber larger
    OCT 04

    Bright Brass

    The wcfsymphony Brass Quintet introduces young listeners to the vibrant colors of symphonic brass instruments.

  • projecttrio_beatbox101
    OCT 09

    Beatbox 101

    Meet PROJECT Trio and get a beatboxing lesson from flutist Greg Patillo, whose YouTube videos of flute and beatbox mashups have been viewed millions of times.

  • Project Trio
    OCT 11


    Celebrate wcfsymphony’s unique artistic vision at an exciting, approachable performance featuring music of our time and place. Chamber music rock stars PROJECT Trio bring their “musicianship, joy and surprise” to an incredible all-American program.

Featured Events

  • tea and tunes

    Tea and Tunes IV

    Oct 16 // 1:30PM

    Afternoon tea followed by an amateur musicale featuring sounds of the 1920s.

  • norman borlaug party

    Early Years of Norman Borlaug

    Jun 6 // 10:30AM

    Enjoy brunch at the Lane farmhouse, then drive 5 miles down the road to visit the boyhood home of Norman Borlaug and the one room schoolhouse which he attended.

  • Daniel Bernard Roumain

    Drinks and Discovery with DBR

    Mar 19 // 5:00PM - 7:00PM

    An unforgettable evening of musical exploration with 2014-15 composer-in-residence Daniel Bernard Roumain, aka DBR. (Note: Actual party date will be determined based on DBR’s schedule.)

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    “Traditional concerts have been somewhat passive affairs for the audience. We want to flip that experience into something more engaging, surprising and varied. Experimentation and discovery are a huge part of our programming.” By now most observers of our work

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    Solid NYT piece on one of the most esoteric aspects of orchestral culture, the existence of distinctive sounds unique to particular ensembles. The group under consideration is the hermetic Vienna Philharmonic, though the superb comment thread offers a plethora of

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