Instrument Petting Zoo

The Instrument Petting Zoos appear at all Lollipop Concerts, at other wcfsymphony concerts, at events throughout the community, and by appointment at schools and child care centers in the Cedar Valley. Kids receive hands-on experience with instruments from various families of the orchestra, and have a whole lot of fun in the process! For information about bringing a zoo to your venue or event, please contact wcfsymphony Operations Manager, John Chiles at jchiles (at) wcfsymphony (dot) org.

Small Zoos will include an educational story explaining the instrument groups using our concert themes. To include our education story at a larger event, please include that in the communications with the wcfsymphony Operations Manager. Wcfsymphony is a non-profit organization and do not charge for these events. We appreciate any reimbursement or donation within your budgetary allotment.

Please provide the following regarding type of participants:

  1. School Showing/General Public/Private Event
  2. General ages of children
  3. Preferred duration of event
  4. Event dates and times

Please select the appropriate event using size. All outdoor events must be covered.

Small Zoo – 8 to 20 Students/ 1-3 Volunteers, provided by the event/Requires 2 long tables and 2-4 chairs – Small Woodwinds, Trumpet, Small number of violins, Small Percussion (Value $75.00)

Normal Zoo – 20 – 50 Students/ 3-5 Volunteers, provided by the event/ 0-2 Volunteers provided by WCFSO/ Requires 3 tables and 3-7 chairs – Small woodwinds, Trumpet, Trombone, Small number of violins, Percussion (Value $150.00)

Large Zoo – 50 or 100/ 5-8 Volunteers, provided by the event/ 2-8 Volunteers provided by WCFSO/ Requires 4 tables and 5 chairs – Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, All Percussion, 6 Violins (Value $300.00)

X-Large Zoo – Town-wide event/ 16-20 Volunteers, provided by WCFSO/ Requires 6 tables and 8 chairs – All instruments (Value $500.00)

Listen to the sounds of the zoo: