Leading citizens from the communities of Waterloo and Cedar Falls serve on the wcfsymphony Board and Friends of wcfsymphony Board.

Mr. Cressy Whalen was the first president of the original Waterloo Symphony Orchestra Association, which through the decades has been the governing body guiding the organization’s functions. Over 85 years of name and venue changes a total of forty-seven different individuals have served as President of the orchestra, sixteen serving for more than one term of office. Following Mr. Whalen were Robert Parrott, Dr. Edward Rohlf, Dr. R.J. Carroll, Guy French, Ben F. Butler, Rev. David Jones, Dr. Frank Shaw, W.P. Hogan, Homer Asquith, Horace Van Metre, Dr. H.L. Sisson, Charles Swisher, Warren Mead, Sefton Abbott, Roger Tillapaugh, Richard Baker, Edward McCoy, Dr. Philip Hastings, Jay Levi, Robert Noonan, Henry Cutler, Dr. James Hutcheon, Victor Kennedy, George Day, Kathy Frerichs, Parke Behn, James Martin, James Potter, Bill Jenner, David Evans, Jean Ann Stoaks, Ed Wilson, Ken Wernimont, Marge Brom, David H. Buck, George Cemore, Jeri Jenner Karr, Joni Hollen, Wes Heitzman, David R. Mason, Mark Baldwin, Mary Kabel, Kathleen Wernimont, Richard Congdon, C. Kevin McCrindle, Russell Curtis, Steve Schmidt, Mike McCrary, David Braton, and current president Dee Vandeventer.


2017-18 Board

Joanne Lane, President
Dee Vandeventer, Past President
Sally Malcolm, Secretary
Stephanie Clohesy
Russell Curtis
Kathy Duke
Angeleita Floyd
Stephen Gaies
E.J. Gallagher, III
Brad Jensen
Martha Kroese
Edward Kunath
Bard Mackey
Sally Malcolm
David Mason Jr.
Lee Nicholas
Kent Opheim
Jim Thielen
Renee Veenstra
Linda Waldon